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A Household name for over a century

Lugt Lisianthus brand is known and cherised by many. And that is no coincidence. For over a century the Van der Lugt name is synonymous to quality and reliability. What follows is a brief history of the company we all love.

The year is 1920 when Pieter van der Lugt decides to start growing cucumbers, eggplants en other vegetables in Honselersdijk. Grandfather van der Lugt stands at the helm of this successful business for nearly forty years, after which his son Henk takes over in 1956.

Pretty soon Henk decides to start growing Freesias. When his sons Peter and Hans join him in business in 1978 Van der Lugts reputation for growing quality flowers is as solid as can be. in 1988 Marcel, the youngest son of Henk, joins his two brothers in the company.

The three brothers decide to start growing Lisianthus in 1992. At first alongside the Freesia, but from 2007 onwards Van der Lugt stops growing the fragrant flowers so they can fully focus on the Lisianthus. As they say their farewells to the Freesia, they welcome Richard into their midst. Richard is the son of Peter and the first of the youngest generation to join the company. This is Lugt Lisianthus as we know and love it today.

Successful companies tend to grow. And Van der Lugt Lisianthus is no exception. Back in 1982 a second location was opened in ‘s Gravezande. At first the brothers want for nothing with two facilities at their disposal, but after the switch to Lisianthus the company starts growing bigger then they could’ve foreseen. The greenhouses in ‘s Gravezande are closed in 2020. At the same time a new location is opened in Monster. This new greenhouse is built according to the latest insights into modern, sustainable growing and Corporate Social Responsibilty.

With the opening of the new facilities Gebr. van der Lugt officially changes their name into Lugt Lisianthus. With our new logo, our new website (this one!) and our new growing methods, we’re all set for the future.

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