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You don’t just become the best for no reason. It’s takes a great many things to achieve that. Of course you need hard work, a positive attitude and the right people. But also a keen eye for innovation and genuine love and care for our people and our environment. Lugt Lisianthus combines all these things so that we’re able to deliver maximum quality, while having minimal impact to our surroundings. In fact, we go beyond just reducing our carbon footprint and actually improve the environment wherever we can.

As soon as we started building our new facilities in Monster we took into account all the different ways in which we could make a difference. We help keep the Westland dry for example, by participating in the RainLevlr programme initiated by the Water Board Delfland.

All our flowers are grown according to the principles of ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’, a method of growing flowers with as little waste as possible. And all the CO2 we produce is used as food for our flowers. We actually buy more CO2 from other companies, lowering their output of harmful gasses as well.

And it’s not just the environment we care for at Lugt Lisianthus. We look after our people too. All our machines, paths and spaces have been engineered for ease of use and accessibility. And wherever we could, we chose the option that reduced the workload the most. For example, nearly 3000 of the lights in our greenhouses are led. This saves energy of course, but it also makes for a greenhouse that is more comfortable to work in.

Innovation as the norm

Without exagaration we can say innovation is part of our DNA. At Lugt Lisianthus we don't settle for anything less than the best. To make sure we don't have to we go all in on the most recent techniques, using the latest insights. A brief overview of some of the things we've implemented to make sure Lugt Lisianthus is the innovator in Lisianthusland.

Het Nieuwe Telen

Limiting your use of energy and resources, while still getting the best results. That is what Het Nieuwe Telen (dutch for 'The New Way of Growing) is all about. The HNT way of growing makes use of all the latest scientific knowledge and the combined experience of every single grower. Using HNT it's now possible to fine tune things like temperature, humidity, light and CO2 in a near perfect way. Because of that, the greenhouse is able to maintain a constant climate, providing an optimal environment for the flowers, while wasting no resources at all. For Lugt Lisianthus, this means an even higher standard in quality then before.

LED Lights

One of the pillars of our Corporate Responsibility policy. LED lights produce more light, while requiring less energy to operate. They also outlast the traditional lights, meaning there's less waste to get rid of. As a bonus the pink light produced by the LEDs is better for our flowers. And to really seal the deal; LED light doesn't produce as much heat as traditional lighting, meaning a cooler greenhouse for our team. Everybody wins with LED.

Caring for our planet


We all like to keep our feet dry. In the Netherlands that can't be guaranteed though, given that a big part of our country lies below sea level. The RainLevelr iniatiative was introduced by the Water Board of Delfland to minimize the negative consequences of heavy rainfall. Simply put, our country is a rainy country and we have huge water basins. When the Water Board notifies us of a coming rain storm, we'll start to slowly drain our basins a couple of days in advance. The land is able to drain the water we release, because it's a controlled and steady stream. Then, when the rain hits, we are able to help take in the excess water the land couldn't otherwise process so suddenly. This way, flooding is prevented.

In-house power plant

Lugt Lisianthus has a power plant. Seems extravagant maybe, but it's really quite clever. Normal power plants create a lot of waste in the form of heat and CO2. Our own power plant creates CO2 and heat too, but for us it's not waste. Lugt Lisianthus uses the heat to keep the greenhouse at a good temperature and the CO2 is fed to the flowers. Nothing is wasted.

Zero Emissions

Lugt Lisianthus recognizes the problem that the emission of CO2 creates. Luckily we can contribute to a solution, rather than the problem. Of course we use all of the CO2 we create ourselves, but in an effort to make a positive impact we actually buy extra CO2 from other companies. At lugt we make sure we don't harm the environment ourselves and we help other companies to the same.