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Getting Lugt Lisianthus means getting the absolute best. But even then it’s important to care for your flowers. Follow these steps to ensure the Lisianthus brings as much joy to your home as possible.

Just like us.

Lisianthus are just like people in some ways. They don’t mind the sun for example, yet you’ll notice they stay fresh longer in the shade. They also don’t care for a lot of changes in temperature. Keep your Lisianthus in a nice (cool) place out of direct sunlight, away from draughty places.

Strong beats weak.

Seems obvious of course but the stronger the flower, the longer they’ll keep. How to recognise strong Lisianthus? Easy. Een good Lisianthus has a firm and sturdy stem with compact flowers. All the buds should be upright and on every stem two buds should have opened at the time of purchase. Of course, Lugt Lisianthus will always meet these criteria.


Lisianthus likes to drink. And what they drink has a big impact on their performance. Make sure to provide the Lisianthus with fresh, clean water in a clean vase. Rinse the vase before use, just to make sure that all dust is washed away. Provide your Lisianthus with flower food for an extra kick. One bag with the first liter, a second bag when refilling your vase.

And remember to make sure that no leaves are in the water. Stems need to drink, but leaves want to breath.

Old, but gold

True wisdom never expires. Cut your stems at an angle to allow your flowers to drink their fill.

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